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Title: Shattered (3/?) (Part Two)
Author: his_angel16
Pairing: BangLo, DaeJae, HimUp
Genre: Angst, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What happens when you run out of hope; out of things to wish for? Where do you go when the world turns its back on you and you can't stand on your own? For six strangers, all they have left is each other.

  Himchan waited for them to move passed him before he opened his mouth. The words were lost the moment he saw Junhong smiling. “Choi Junhong!” he gasped, pointing at the younger. “You're smiling!”
  Setting the table down, Junhong turned to Himchan. “Yeah. People smile, hyung.” He grabbed Daehyun's arm, tugging lightly on it. “Hyung!” He bounced on his feet, swinging their arms. “Can we go get something sweet to eat?”
  Daehyun had to control himself, almost laughing at the way Himchan was staring at Junhong. “Sure. Hyung will treat you to anything you like.” He wrapped an arm loosely around the younger's waist, pulling him along. Once they were out of earshot of Himchan, the two of them started laughing. “Did you see Himchan hyung's face?”
  Junhong wiped at his eyes, still laughing. “I thought he was going to have a stroke.” He laughed again as the image of the elder's surprised face surfaced in his mind. “This is going to be way too easy.”
  “Okay, I think being cute is one of your strong suits.” He reached up, ruffling the younger's hair. He paused as Yongguk entered the room, acting as if he wasn't bothered by it. Smirking, he pulled Junhong a little closer to himself, smiling at him. “Want to sleep in hyung's room tonight? We can go get a cheap television and DVD player. I think I might have brought a few of my favorite movies with me from Busan, too.”
  Yongguk stopped, looking over as Junhong nodded his head, smiling back at Daehyun. He watched as Daehyun took Junhong's hand, calling upstairs to Youngjae that he and Junhong were slipping out for a moment. He laced their fingers together, smirking at Yongguk as they passed him to go outside. He was glued to the spot, unable to utter a single protest as Himchan entered the room. He looked at Himchan, pointing at the front door.
  “What the fuck happened?” he snapped. He went to the door, finding the younger two walking down the sidewalk, swinging their linked hands between them. He frowned. “How the hell did that happen?”
  Himchan leaned against the wall. “It seems like he found another hyung to adore him.” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “And if he doesn't knock off his cute shit, I’m probably going to turn to goo around him, too.”
  Yongguk gave him a puzzled look. “What do you mean by cute shit?”
  Rolling his eyes, Himchan walked around him to go get the smaller couch from the truck. “Don't act like you're immune to it. He's cute, Yongguk, and you know it.”
  “He's a lot more than cute, Himchan.” He helped the other get the loveseat out of the truck, taking it inside and placing it in the living room. “He's absolutely adorable.” He cleared his throat, suddenly embarrassed. “I'll be in my room. Tell Youngjae to come down and figure out where he's going to put his things.” He slipped into his room, placing a hand over his heart. “I have a feeling I’m losing a nonexistent battle.” He jumped when he looked over, Youngjae staring at him with a knowing expression.
  “Thinking of Junhong?” he asked, a smile pulling at his lips. He fully grinned when Yongguk blushed a bright pink, laughing at him. “You're acting like a high school girl with a crush, hyung!” He covered his mouth, laughing into his hands as Yongguk tried to glare at him, failing at looking intimidating from the pink still tinting his cheeks. “Aw, lighten up, hyung. I like someone, too.”
  Yongguk still frowned, but he perked up at the news. “Who?” He held up a hand, stopping Youngjae before he could speak. “Let me guess. Does your love interest originate from Busan?” He smirked when Youngjae's face flushed. “Hah! I’m too good at seeing things like this.”
  “Then why don't you see it when Junhong looks at you?” he whispered. He squeaked when Yongguk grasped the nape of his neck, pulling him closer.
  “What did you say?” Yongguk stared at Youngjae's face, trying to find out if he was joking or not. “You'd better not be toying with me, Youngjae. How does Junhong look at me?”
  Youngjae swallowed, reaching up to rip the elder's hand away from his neck to distance himself. “Why don't you keep a better eye on him instead of sulking about what he said to you.” He turned, sitting on the floor and pulling his bags out from under his bed. He only had two, but he had crammed so many things into them that they were almost bursting. He unzipped his first bag, grabbing the bottom of it to turn it upside down. His things clattered to the floor before he began sorting through them.
  Yongguk remained where he was, simply staring at Youngjae. He mentally slapped himself for letting someone younger talk to him that way. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, turning to unzip his suitcase. He looked over his shoulder, frowning at the single closet. “We're probably going to need to buy a dresser.”
  Youngjae tossed a notepad and pen at him. “Make a list. I'll go out on the next trip to the store.” He tugged at his hair, looking back at Yongguk. “We're going to need to get some hairbrushes, too. I hate having tangles in my hair.”
  “We're going to have to decide on a bathroom schedule. With the six of us living here, things might be a little hectic if we all try to piss at the same time.”
  Youngjae nodded as he folded up a shirt. “What about laundry? Are we getting a washing machine?”
  “Why not just do it like they do in the more rural areas? We can get a bucket and wash our clothes outside. I actually prefer the way my clothes smell after letting them dry in the wind.” He pulled out a picture frame, his mouth falling open in shock. “How did this get here?”
  He eyed the photo carefully, a group shot of his friends from the underground. Two faces stood out more than anyone else's did. Bang Cheolyong was smiling happily at him, making a peace sign with his fingers. Glued to his right side was a younger kid, just nine years old, with bright blond curls piled atop his head. He smiled just as brightly toward the camera as Cheolyong did. Yongguk took a deep breath, trying to keep his emotions in check as his eyes looked to the person behind them. A younger version of himself was smiling, arms slung around Cheolyong and Junhong. He blinked, a tear falling onto the glass. He wiped his thumb over it, removing the drop.
  “You okay?” Youngjae asked, appearing at his side. He peered down at the photo in the elder's hands before looking back up at his face. “Hyung? Are you okay?”
  Yongguk nodded, eyes still locked on his past. “I'm fine. It's just...” He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before he could break down. “It's a picture of Zelo, Mir, and me.” He smiled sadly, hearing the unvoiced question. “Junhong, Cheolyong, and me. Cheolyong wanted to hang out with me, so I told him to go by Mir. And Junhong, he was a rising star in the underground. Mir and I, we called him Zelo.”
  Youngjae nodded, frowning. “Maybe you should put that somewhere Junhong won't see it. Maybe leave it in your bag?” He went back over to his side of the room, still frowning as he folded another shirt. “Maybe it would help Junhong grow closer to him.” He cocked his head to the side, pondering the thought before shaking his head. “No, it's best if I don't get involved.”

  Daehyun and Junhong walked to the little store a few blocks away. They still had their hands clasped, fingers linked together, as they entered the store. They went to the freezer, Junhong pointing out various flavors of ice cream that he wanted. He couldn't help but smile as the younger talked about each flavor, acting as if he were a spokesperson for it. He pulled his wallet from his pocket, counting his money quickly. Placing his wallet back in his front pocket, his smile widened.
  “Junhong, pick out a few,” he encouraged him, waving him to the freezer again. “I'll buy you whichever ones you want.”
  Junhong looked at him, eyes hopeful. “Really? But, why?” he asked, still a little skeptical even as his hand pulled open the door.
  “Because if we only get one, it'll be gone in one sitting. This way we can share with everyone.”
  “Then we'll get chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel!” He pulled the containers from their places, handing Daehyun two to hold. He smiled, walking up to the counter with the elder on his heels. He waited as Daehyun paid for their ice cream, taking the bag as Daehyun pocketed his change. He took Daehyun's hand, walking for the door. Outside, he felt Daehyun tense.
  “Junhong, stay near me,” he whispered, pulling the younger closer. He kept a tight grip on Junhong's hand, keeping his eyes forward as he walked. He watched Kim Heechul get out of his car, flicking a cigarette over his shoulder. He felt those eyes turn on them, his blood running cold as he tried not to panic. “Don't panic, Junhong, okay? I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”
  “Hey, you were with Bang earlier today, right?” Heechul asked, stepping a little too close.
  Daehyun pulled Junhong behind himself, twisting his arm to keep the younger away from the potential threat. “Yeah, I was, hyung.” He swallowed, surprised he could speak formally to this creep without vomit coming out instead. “Want me to tell him you said hello?”
  Heechul nodded, eyeing him and Junhong. “Yeah, tell him that hyung sends his regards. Tell him I want to know if he's done with that cute brunet.” He crept a little closer, invading Daehyun's personal space as he leaned down, their faces mere inches apart. “Although, I happen to think you're pretty cute, too, Busan.” He peered over Daehyun's shoulder, smirking at Junhong. “You're a cutie, too, Zelo. I’ve heard a lot about you.”
  Junhong tensed, his heart skipping a beat. “That's not my name,” he murmured, trying to keep himself calm.
  Heechul laughed, nudging Daehyun to the side so he could face the younger better. He reached out, wrapping an arm around Daehyun before pulling him close. He kept his eyes trained on Junhong as he spoke. “You'd better run home, boys, before I change my mind on letting you go. You see, Bang owes me. Before I could start having fun with his brother, Mir killed himself. I like the hunt, the thrill of having to chase down my prey.” He pecked Daehyun on the cheek, smiling at the way he shuddered. “If I took the two of you now, little Yongguk wouldn't know. So you run back to him, back to where you think you're safe because our game will soon begin.”
  Daehyun kept his back turned to Heechul as the elder went into the store. As soon as he heard the door close, he bolted, dragging Junhong along behind him. He hurried home, hot tears streaking his face. They reached their property in a few minutes time, Daehyun releasing Junhong's hand when he saw Yongguk sitting on the porch. He ran inside, thundering up the stairs and into the bathroom. Junhong stared after him, standing on the sidewalk as Yongguk walked down the porch stairs to meet him.
  “What's wrong with Daehyun?” Yongguk asked, taking the bag from Junhong. They walked inside in silence, Himchan joining them in the front room. “Junhong, why was Daehyun crying?”
  “We ran into someone,” he started, not meeting their eyes. “He said you owed him and then he said something about Mir.” He blinked, his own tears trying to fall. “He said that Mir killed himself before he could start having fun.” Junhong looked at Yongguk, chewing on his bottom lip as he watched the expressions shift on the elder's face. “He knew Daehyun hyung is from Busan and he called me Zelo.”
  Himchan reached out to take the bag as it slipped from Yongguk's hand. “This isn't good,” he stated, hurrying to place the ice cream into the freezer before returning to the front room. “Yongguk, doesn't that mean Heechul knows all of us are around you?”
  “What else did he say to you?” Yongguk croaked, mildly surprised his voice still worked.
  “He said that if he took us, you wouldn't know about it. That the game would soon begin so we should get home before it did.” Junhong watched the color drain from Yongguk's face, panic setting in. He placed a hand against the elder's cheek, eyebrows furrowing. “What's going to happen, hyung?”
  Yongguk placed his hand over Junhong's closing his eyes. “From now on, the only ones allowed to leave this house are Himchan and Jongup. Everyone else is banned from leaving the property.” He opened his eyes, Junhong shrinking back at seeing how dark they were. “He's not doing this again.”
  “Doing what again?” Himchan asked, frowning.
  Yongguk looked at him, dropping his hand to his side without letting go of Junhong's. “When I was framed for murder, he said he would take care of Cheolyong. Back then he was a pretty wicked person, never getting close to someone he couldn't use. He hurt Cheolyong to bug me and before I knew it, he had begun to torture him. He kept him locked away in his house, using him whenever he wanted someone to toy with. My brother lasted a month before Heechul had gone home to find him on the floor. He he taken a full bottle of meds.” Yongguk blinked, ridding his eyes of the tears collecting there.
  “Your brother killed himself with medication? But then why was Heechul accused of murdering him?” Himchan had to lean against the wall for support, his legs almost giving out.
  “Because when he called the cops, he told them what he did. They said he laughed the entire time and he was drinking a glass of wine when they got there.” He tightened his hold on Junhong's hand, turning to face the younger. “You're under house arrest, Junhong. Go upstairs and tell Daehyun and Youngjae that they are, too.” He waited for the younger to leave before he turned to Himchan. “Heechul is ruthless and he won't stop until he has what he wants. When I though he'd move on from looking at Youngjae, I didn’t think he'd broaden his playing field to pull Daehyun and Junhong into it.”
  Himchan patted Yongguk's shoulder. “It's okay, Yongguk. It isn't your fault. Heechul is really twisted and messed up. He doesn't think about the consequences because he doesn't feel guilty about how he lives.” He grabbed Yongguk's hand, squeezing it tightly. “We aren’t going to let him hurt those boys.”
  Junhong frowned as he reached the second floor. He went to the bathroom door, knocking before he opened it. Daehyun was furiously scrubbing at his cheek. He sighed as he reached over, turning the water off. “Yongguk hyung said that we're banned from going outside,” he muttered. He watched Daehyun dry his face off before he collapsed onto the floor.
  “Good. I don't care if I never step outside these walls again,” Daehyun replied, looking up as Youngjae peeked into the room. He stood, pushing around Junhong to get to Youngjae. He cupped his face, closing his eyes as he mashed their lips together. He pulled away only when Youngjae pushed against him a little.
  “What was that for?” Youngjae asked, trying to sound angry and failing miserably at it as his face heated up.
  “We ran into Kim Heechul,” he replied, watching as Youngjae stilled. He kept his hands firmly on the younger's face, making sure he wouldn't fall. “He's not coming after you. I won't let him touch you.”
  “Not only that, but Daehyun hyung and I are on his trophy list now,” Junhong stated, Youngjae looking at him. “I'm assuming he's going after anyone who appears close to Yongguk hyung.”
  “But I’m not close to Yongguk hyung. Why would he come after me?” Youngjae gripped one of Daehyun's hands, linking their fingers together as he looked at Junhong. “And Daehyun isn't all that close to him either.”
  “It's because he protected you today.” Junhong frowned, watching Youngjae shudder at remembering Heechul's cold eyes on him. “When he became the wall between you and him, it automatically sent signals to his brain stating you were his; that you were untouchable.”
  “What if I tell him that I’m not with Yongguk hyung in any way? What if I tell him that I don't even like him?” Youngjae was near hysteria, the only thing keeping him from breaking down completely was Daehyun's hand holding onto him tightly.
  Junhong shook his head. “He probably won't believe you.” He smiled, placing a reassuring hand on Youngjae's shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, hyung. Once Kim Heechul figures out that Yongguk hyung likes me, you'll both be wiped off his radar.” He left the bathroom, heading to his and Jongup's room. He grabbed a change of clothes from his bag, quickly slipping into the loose shorts and tank top. He stretched, climbing into his bed. He looked outside, wondering how easy it would be to slip out the next day without Yongguk knowing. He settled into his sleeping bag, fluffing his pillow before closing his eyes to sleep.
  Daehyun led Youngjae from the bathroom, heading downstairs to speak with Yongguk. They found him in the kitchen, banging his head lightly against the table. “You're going to have to hit it harder if you want to leave any damage,” Daehyun said, offering the elder a small smile when he looked up. “I wanted to tell you something.”
  Rubbing his forehead, Yongguk motioned to the seat opposite him. “What is it?” he asked, leaning on his free hand.
  Taking a deep breath, Daehyun closed his eyes. “I think Junhong is up to something.” He waited for Yongguk's rage, but cracked an eye open when he was met with silence. He frowned at the look on Yongguk's face. It looked as if someone had stabbed him. “He said that Heechul would leave Youngjae and I alone if he knew your feelings for Junhong. I think he's planning on leaving the house somehow and telling him.”
  “Himchan!” Yongguk hollered, waiting as the other raced into the room, slightly disheveled. “Go get me the sturdiest pair of handcuffs you can find.” He tossed his wallet at Himchan, eyes hard. “And take Jongup with you. By now, Heechul has probably memorized the truck. We don't need him trying to take you out of the equation already.”
  “But, wouldn't that put Jongup in danger, too?” Himchan asked, frowning. “Wouldn't it be better for me to go alone?”
  Yongguk shook his head. “Heechul doesn't think like that. If there's just one, he'll dispose of them if he can't use them. Junhong and I were the barrier that kept him away from Cheolyong. I went to prison and Junhong quit appearing at the clubs once his mom remarried. Cheolyong was his for the taking.” He ran a hand over his face, trying to get his brother's face out of his mind. “If you go alone, he'll probably kill you knowing you'd stand in his way. If you cross him, don't acknowledge you've seen him unless he speaks to you. Luckily, he hasn't seen us together, so he shouldn't be overly suspicious.”
  Himchan nodded, leaving the kitchen. He paused at the stairs for a second before ascending them. He knocked on the door, looking at Jongup reading a battered comic on his bed. “Jongup, you need to come to the store with me. It's not safe to go by myself and Yongguk has placed everyone else under house arrest until further notice.”
  “What's going on?” Jongup asked, climbing off his bed.
  Himchan frowned, knowing he shouldn't lie to the younger. “Daehyun and Junhong ran into Kim Heechul while they were out. He's all but declared war against anyone Yongguk knows. So far, we're the only two he hasn't staked a claim on.” He grabbed Jongup's hand, pulling him from the room. “Let's go before I lose my nerve.” He went downstairs, telling Yongguk that they were leaving before practically running to the truck, Jongup doing the same.
  Yongguk remained at the table, Daehyun pulling Youngjae away by his hand. He led the younger upstairs to his room, partially so Yongguk could go into his room if he wanted and partially to keep an ear out for Junhong. He didn’t want the younger trying to sneak away. He left his door cracked, leading Youngjae to his bed before sitting down next to him. They sat in silence, just holding hands, as he stared at the wall. Several times Youngjae had tugged on his hand, trying to get his attention, but he remained statuesque, trying to figure out what he was going to do.
  “Youngjae,” he finally said, breaking the silence. The younger looked at him, a frown on his face. “Heechul kissed my cheek. And he asked if Yongguk hyung was done with you yet.” He frowned, looking toward the younger. “I don't know how to keep him away from you.”
  Youngjae kissed the back of Daehyun's hand, running his free hand over the back of his hand. “Yongguk will make sure he doesn't come here,” he replied. He reached up, placing his hand on Daehyun's cheek, the elder leaning into it. “Which cheek did he kiss?”
  “The left one...”
  Youngjae leaned over, kissing Daehyun's cheek in several places before turning his head to kiss his lips. He smiled as soon as Daehyun began to move his lips against his, leaning over to push the elder down onto the bed. He felt Daehyun's hand slide from his, both slipping under his shirt. He felt the elder's cool fingertips on his sides, shivering under the touch. He moved his mouth away from Daehyun's lips trailing down to his neck before he bit down. He continually nibbled at his flesh, knowing that he'd leave a bruise when he was done. He shuddered when Daehyun moaned, the noise sending waves of desire washing over him. He pushed up a little, staring at Daehyun with lustful eyes.
  “Daehyun, I want you,” he whispered. He pecked him swiftly on the lips. “Do you think it'd be inappropriate for us to have sex right now?”
  Daehyun captured Youngjae's lips in another kiss, wrapping his arms around him to pull him flush against his own body. “I don't care if it's inappropriate or not.” He kissed him again, their tongues sliding together, fighting for dominance. “I think we'd just have to be quiet so we don't make hyung come upstairs.”


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Sep. 25th, 2014 05:46 am (UTC)
Daehyun and Junhong! Those two together are such trouble makers!! I love how Yongguk gets so shy that he thinks about Junhong and that it shows that he adores him.

Awwwwww! Nice of Youngjae to point out to Yongguk on how Junhong looks at him. Yeah. Don't be so dumb Yongguk!!! Junhong loves you. I feel that he is just hurt and angry at you right now. Doesn't mean he doesn't loooove you.

UH!!!NOT GOOOD! NOT GOOOD! DAE AND JUNHONG JUST RAN INTO HEECUL!!! NOT GOOD! I do love that Daehyun tells Junhong that he will protect him. Ugh. Heechul is sooooo evil and makes me soooooo angry! I hope he gets what is coming to him.

Also, Junhong DON"T do anything stupid! Let Yongguk protect you.

Oooooooo! So it seems as if Daehyun and Youngjae are going to take the next step in their..relationship? Hmmmmm yay! Thanks so much for the update! oxoxoxoxoxo
Sep. 27th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, your comments made my day! :D

I have the next couple chapters written so I'll try to post them asap. I hope they'll be to your liking. ^_^

Of course, Daehyun would protect Junhong. He wouldn't want Yongguk on his back. ;)

Thanks for reading and the wonderful comments! <3
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