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Title: Shattered (3/?) (Part One)
Author: his_angel16
Pairing: BangLo, DaeJae, HimUp
Genre: Angst, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What happens when you run out of hope; out of things to wish for? Where do you go when the world turns its back on you and you can't stand on your own? For six strangers, all they have left is each other.

  Junhong hadn’t moved from his spot against the stairs. Siwon had left a long time ago after receiving a phone call about Kim Taeheon. Himchan had promised to look after the young judge's nephew, always glancing his way every five minutes. Yongguk had gone into his room to start painting as Daehyun and Youngjae went to paint his room. Jongup had woken up, Himchan murmuring softly about what had happened. He had fled to the upstairs, Junhong's family background causing him to nearly cry. He couldn't face the younger without tears in his eyes. Himchan had wrapped Junhong's torso, letting him sulk in the front room like a little kid.
  “How's he doing?” Yongguk asked, leaning close to Himchan with his voice low. “He hasn't move since hyung left.”
  “Did you know about his family life?” Himchan replied, changing the topic. He frowned at the elder. “Did you know about his dad?”
  Sighing, Yongguk nodded. “Yeah, my ex-boyfriend killed him. Siwon hyung saw someone flee the scene. I was still at the hotel, in the lounge with Choi Minho. Jonghyun had slit his throat, dropping the knife as he left. I was trying to stop the bleeding when Siwon hyung came into the room.” He used his shirt to wipe sweat from his face. “He knew that I wasn't the one who killed his hyung, but I took the blame for it anyway. While I was locked up, he became a judge. He actually lessened my sentence.”
  Himchan crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back against the wall. “I wonder if Junhong knew his dad was murdered?”
  “I didn’t know,” Junhong murmured, his voice carrying across the room. Himchan and Yongguk stilled. “I didn’t know he was murdered. Mom had a closed casket, saying I shouldn't have to see what happened. I was only nine at the time, so I didn’t really question it. But to hear that someone killed him for who knows what...” He shook his head, fresh tears streaking his face.
  Himchan took a step, fully intending on going to comfort Junhong, but Yongguk walked passed him. He watched as Yongguk knelt beside the younger, Junhong covering his mouth to muffle his sobs. Yongguk wrapped his arms around the younger, pulling him close. Junhong buried his face against the elder's chest, his tears staining his shirt.
  “I'm not going to lie and say it's okay,” Yongguk began, running his fingers through Junhong's hair. “But I will tell you that I’m going to do everything I can to take Jonghyun and his dad down.” He pressed his cheek against Junhong's temple, blinking to keep his own tears at bay. He felt the younger pull away and he looked down at him.
  “Hyung,” Junhong whispered, voice raspy. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. “Will you tell me the truth? Do you know why my dad was killed?”
  He didn’t even hesitate. “Your dad had some vital information that would have sent Jonghyun's dad to prison. But before he could tell anyone, Jonghyun killed him.” Yongguk frowned when Junhong tried to stand. He stood himself, offering a hand out to the younger. “You're taking that information really well.”
  Junhong pulled himself up with Yongguk's help, shrugging at his words. “I can't change the past.” He looked up into the elder's eyes, a few tears escaping. “But I can try to help.”
  “What do you mean?” Himchan asked, feeling a little left out. He joined them by the stairs. “I'm not trying to sound rude, but how can you help catch them?”
  “I'm going back home.” Junhong waited, watching their reactions. He cringed at the look of horror on Himchan's face. Yongguk just looked pissed off.
  “No,” Yongguk said, blood running cold. “I'm not letting you go back to that house.”
  “But if I can find out what my dad knew, if he has something hidden somewhere, then–”
  “I said no.” Yongguk stared the younger down, neither blinking for a few moments. When Junhong blinked, he noticed Yongguk was slightly pale. He opened his mouth to protest, but the elder cupped his face, making his words die on his lips. “I'm not risking losing you.”
  Junhong felt his chest well up, but he willed the feelings away before they could hurt him. He covered Yongguk's hands with his own, intending on pulling them away. “Why do you care? Didn't you tell me that you weren't going to treat me the same way as before?” He succeeded in his task, Yongguk's hands falling away from his face once he uncovered them. He turned to head upstairs, halting at hearing the elder's hushed voice.
  “I still care about you.” Yongguk reached out, wrapping an arm around Junhong's waist as he buried his face against the younger's back. He turned to inhale the familiar scent, reminiscing about the past. “I never stopped caring about you, Zelo.”
  Junhong froze completely at hearing the name Yongguk gave him years ago. He was a nameless rising star at nine years old. At least, he was in the underground. He rapped instead of doing schoolwork, his dad praising him at being so gifted. He pulled out of Yongguk's arms, steeling himself before facing the elder. “Don't call me that.”
  Yongguk gazed up at him, feeling insecure for the first time in ages. “Why not? You used to like that name. You wouldn't let anyone else call you by it.”
  “Because the boy you gave that name to doesn't exist anymore. Just like Jepp Blackman died when he was sent to prison for murder, Zelo died, too.” He shook his head, amazed that his voice hadn’t betrayed him. “After his dad died and countless beatings from his step-dad, Zelo gave up. He's gone.” Junhong turned away before the first tear fell. He walked up the stairs before Yongguk could grab him and pull him back. He knew he would melt into the other's embrace and he was trying his hardest not to bolt back into his arms.
  “Junhong?” Jongup asked, peeking up at him from the floor. He had started painting their room, doing it half blue and half green.
  Ignoring the elder, Junhong eased onto his bed, pulling his pillow over his face to muffle his sobs. Jongup listened silently to the younger, tears of his own spilling over as he continued to paint. He sniffled, putting the brush down. He crawled over to Junhong's bed, climbing onto it and wrapping his arms loosely around the younger. He was glad when Junhong rolled over to bury his face against him, tears soon soaking into his paint-splattered shirt. He wasn't sure how long they stayed that way or when Junhong finally fell asleep. He kept running his fingers through the curls on the younger's head, crying quietly beside him.
  Daehyun and Youngjae had noticed the younger two curled together in Junhong's bed, both deciding it was best to leave them alone. They turned back to finish painting Daehyun's room. They had three walls done when Youngjae stopped, placing a hand on Daehyun's arm to stop him, too. Daehyun gave the younger a confused look before he turned back to coat the roller with more paint.
  “It got quiet,” Youngjae whispered, afraid that speaking any louder would cause Junhong to cry harder. He peered out the door, frowning at seeing the drying tears on the younger's face. He had turned over in his sleep, clutching at Jongup's hand. “Poor kid. I feel really bad for him.”
  “So do I,” Daehyun confessed. He looked across the hall at Jongup still trying to comfort Junhong. “We'll need to keep an eye on him. I overheard him talking to Yongguk earlier, saying he was going back to his house. He wants to snoop around for whatever his dad knew about his step-dad.”
  “Do you think that's why Junhong's mom married the guy? Maybe she knows, too.” Youngjae looked at Daehyun, a light blush dusting his cheeks at finding the elder staring at him. “What?”
  “Youngjae, you're a genius! I could kiss you right now!” Daehyun placed his paint roller down, hurrying downstairs. He found Yongguk and Himchan on the front porch, getting some fresh air. “Hey, Youngjae is a genius!”
  “Why's that?” Himchan asked, leaning against the porch rail.
  “Because he thinks that Junhong's mom might know what Jonghyun's dad might have done! He thinks she might have married him because of it.”
  Yongguk shook his head. “It's not going to be that easy. Maybe if I can speak to Jonghyun, I can figure it out,” he muttered. Himchan smacked him in the head. “Hey, what was that for?”
  Himchan glared at him. “You aren’t going to be talking to the man who killed Junhong's dad. Not only is that a bad move on your part since he's your ex, but think of how Junhong would feel.”
  “Junhong doesn't care.” Yongguk folded his arms on his knees, resting his chin on top of them. “He all but hates me now. In the past couple days, I have wished that I could somehow turn back time more than I have in the past six years.”
  Himchan frowned, remembering something. “Did you know that today is the day Junhong's dad died?” He watched Daehyun shake his head, Youngjae appearing at the front door.
  Yongguk tensed. “Ah, shit. No wonder he went to the cemetery.” He ran a hand over his face, standing up. He turned around, stopping when he saw the look on Youngjae's face. “What's wrong?”
  Youngjae shook his head. “I just didn’t want to be upstairs anymore,” he replied. He wrapped his arms around himself. “Hearing Junhong cry in his sleep is something I don't want to hear again. And Jongup is bawling just as much.”
  Daehyun wrapped an arm around his waist. “They'll be okay,” he reassured the younger. He swallowed around the lump in his throat as he blinked a few times. “We're going to make sure nothing happens to them.”
  Himchan looked away. “Why don't we go inside and finish painting?”
  They kept to the first floor as much as possible, only going upstairs to use the bathroom. Soon, the entire downstairs had been painted. Yongguk and Youngjae's room was white on top with red and yellow stripes on the bottom half. They painted the living room and front room white, using leftover yellow to paint the kitchen. They wanted to make it as bright as possible. After the first floor was done, Himchan and Daehyun went upstairs to paint the bathroom and Himchan's room. They carefully went into Jongup and Junhong's room, finishing up that room before hurrying back downstairs.
  “They're both asleep,” Daehyun stated, going to the sink to wash his hands. “We used some blue paint and mixed it with the leftover white for the bathroom. It's like a sky blue now. And we opened up the windows upstairs. We don't need the kids getting buzzed on the fumes.”
  Yongguk grabbed his wallet from the counter. “I'm going to go get us a table and a living room set. Anyone want to go?”
  “I will,” Himchan said. He looked at Youngjae and Daehyun. “You two stay here and keep an eye on them. Especially Junhong. We don't want him sneaking off again.”
  Daehyun nodded, waiting for the two eldest to leave before he relaxed a little. He turned to Youngjae, walking closer to the younger. “So, what do you want to do?”
  Youngjae shrugged, backing up until his back hit the counter. “I don't know. We could just sit around and talk.”
  “I don't like talking that much. It brings out a lot of bad qualities in me.” He licked his lips, smiling when Youngjae blushed. He placed his hands on either side of the younger, leaning in to whisper into his ear. “We can always play a game. I really like truth or dare.” His breath ghosted over Youngjae's ear, making him shiver.
  “I-I thought you said you didn’t like talking?” Youngjae felt hot under Daehyun's gaze. He pulled his arms up as a barrier between them, but it seemed to work out to his disadvantage. His hands were resting lightly against Daehyun's chest.
  “Truth or dare is somewhat different than just talking.” He smiled at the younger. “If we play, you can go first. And there will be no chickening out on dares.”
  “Fine. We can play.” Youngjae looked into Daehyun's eyes. “Truth or dare?”
  “I'll start with truth.” He backed away a little, giving Youngjae a chance to form a question.
  “What's your sexual orientation?” He felt his face redden as Daehyun scrutinized his face.
  “I'm gay. Your turn; truth or dare?”
  “What's yours?”
  Youngjae bit his lip, looking up at Daehyun through his lashes. “I'm gay, too.” He swallowed, the movement not going undetected by Daehyun. He flushed harder at knowing the elder was watching him so closely. “Truth or dare?”
  “Truth again.” Daehyun had to mentally slap himself for getting caught in Youngjae's eyes. It was dangerous territory right now, being so close to him.
  “Do you like anyone in the house already?” Youngjae wanted to smack himself for blurting out the first thing that came to mind. Although, if he were honest with himself, he was mildly curious.
  Daehyun hesitated for a second before giving in. “Yes.” He kept his eyes locked on Youngjae's face. “Truth or dare, Youngjae?”
  “Truth.” He smiled shyly, Daehyun rolling his eyes. “What? You haven't picked dare either.”
  Smiling back, Daehyun leaned a little closer, breath once again ghosting over Youngjae's ear as he spoke. “Would you stop me if I tried to kiss you right now?”
  Youngjae turned his head, looking into Daehyun's eyes. He found nothing but sincerity. “No,” he mumbled. He closed his eyes when Daehyun leaned in, pressing their lips gently together. His arms slid up to wind around Daehyun's neck, tugging him a little closer.
  Grasping Youngjae's waist, he hoisted him onto the counter without breaking their kiss. Their lips seemed to mold together, moving in sync. He brushed his tongue against Youngjae's lips, smiling slightly when the younger parted them. He darted his tongue inside the younger's mouth, tasting everything he could. Youngjae moved his hands to Daehyun's hair, tangling his fingers in the brunet locks. He wound his legs around the elder's waist, pulling his entire body closer. When Youngjae broke the kiss to breathe, his neck became exposed to Daehyun. He shivered at feeling the other's lips on his skin, his tongue tracing the outline of his jaw.
  “You taste like honey,” Daehyun whispered, eyes still closed as he moved from Youngjae's jawline to his neck. He planted kisses along the expanse of skin, nibbling lightly right above his collarbone. He sucked a piece of Youngjae's flawless skin into his mouth, biting down a little harder than necessary. He licked over the darkening spot before nibbling at it again, making sure he'd leave a mark behind. He pulled away when Youngjae tugged on his hair. “What?”
  “Don't you think we should stop before we take things too far today?” Youngjae was breathless, a few beads of sweat collected across his forehead. He was having trouble thinking straight even without Daehyun's lips on him.
  “Okay.” Daehyun pecked him lightly on the lips before pulling away. “We'll take things slow.” He smiled a little, cheeks flushing. “Honestly, I haven't been in a serious relationship. All I’ve been was the best friend or the friend with benefits at best.”
  Youngjae bit his lip, letting his hands fall to his lap. “I haven't really been in a relationship either. It'll be nice to have someone to kiss every day.” He waited for Daehyun to leave the kitchen before he looked down. He groaned at the bulge forming in his jeans. “Damn, he's hot.” He fanned himself before hopping off the counter. He needed to sneak upstairs and take a cold shower.
  Junhong opened his eyes, untangling himself slowly from Jongup. Somehow the elder had managed to be curled around him. He slipped off the bed, stretching slightly before walking into the hall. He heard water running in the bathroom, someone obviously in the shower. He went downstairs, seeing Daehyun pacing the living room while fanning himself. He leaned against the doorway, smirking at the elder.
  “Something wrong, hyung?” he asked, startling Daehyun.
  “No, nothing's wrong,” Daehyun replied, face beet red. He dropped his hands to his sides, unwilling to meet the younger's gaze. He chewed on his lip, looking shyly up at the younger. “Can you keep a secret?”
  Junhong pushed away from the wall, walking to where Daehyun stood. “I'm the best at keeping secrets. What's on your mind?”
  Daehyun inhaled deeply before returning to his pacing, arms folded behind his back. “I like Youngjae. Like, I really like Youngjae.” He paused, looking sheepishly at Junhong. “I kissed him.”
  “You've known him a whole two days and you already kissed him? You don't waste any time, do you?” He snorted at the appalled look he received from the elder, waving him off. “Go on.”
  “I don't know why I did it, I just...” He pouted, sitting down on the floor. “He looks so innocent and I feel like I have to protect him. Is that weird?”
  Shrugging, Junhong kicked his foot against the carpet. “I don't think it's weird, Daehyun hyung. I think it's mushy and romantic.” He smiled at the elder. “Does Youngjae hyung like you back?”
  “I think he does. We were playing a rather cheesy game of truth or dare and I asked him if he would stop me if I tried to kiss him.” He smiled, his cheeks dusting pink. “And he told me no. So I kissed him.”
  Junhong shuddered. “Ew. I take that back. It's mushy and gross. I’m glad I missed it.” He shook his head. “You two are going to end up giving me cavities.”
  Daehyun pouted. “We're not that bad!”
  “Whatever you say, hyung.” He frowned, looking around. “Where are Himchan hyung and Yongguk hyung at?”
  “They went to the store again.” He shifted on the floor, lying down and stretching out. “They went to get us a table and some living room furniture.”
  Junhong nodded, leaving the room. He went into the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water from the fridge. “It's good that they aren’t here. I don't want to face them yet.” He leaned against the counter, taking small sips of his water when Daehyun entered the room. “What, hyung?”
  “I wanted to know if you were okay.” He waited for the younger to look at him before continuing. “It has to be difficult, learning about your dad like that.”
  “I don't care anymore. I just had a mild meltdown. It won't happen again.” He smiled at the elder, trying to convince him. “I'm really okay, hyung. You don't have to worry.” He waited for Daehyun to leave the room before he sighed. “I'm getting really good at lying.” He sniffled, looking back out the window.

  Himchan helped Yongguk load their black furniture into the truck, grunting under the weight. He panted, leaning against the side, looking at Yongguk. “How are you not winded by now?” he asked, brushing the hair out of his eyes.
  Yongguk chuckled. “Because I'm in shape. I didn’t have anything to do in prison except lift some weights. Siwon hyung came and visited me a couple times, but that's about it.”
  Himchan nodded, pushing away form the truck to climb into the passenger seat. “Let's get home before something happens. I have a weird feeling.”
  Yongguk hopped in behind the wheel, buckling up as he ignited the engine. He peeled out, tires screeching, into traffic. He laughed at the look Himchan gave him and the many furious cars that honked at him. “What?” He glanced at Himchan, laughing again at the way he was gripping the dashboard and practically seething. “You can lighten your death grip there, Himchan. We're not going that fast.”
  “But fast enough to give me a panic attack! Slow down!” Himchan kept his hands planted firmly on the dash, barely blinking until Yongguk slowed down. He sighed, relieved that the other listened to him. “Do you have a death wish?”
  “No, but you said you wanted to get home. I was trying to get us there.”
  “I'd like to get there in one piece! Just because you're a speed demon, doesn't mean everyone else is. Besides, what would you do if you were pulled over? Aren't you on probation or something?”
  Yongguk frowned, slowing a little more to match the speed limit. “I hate to admit it, but you're right. I don't need to violate my probation and get locked up again. At least, not until Kim Heechul is safely behind bars.” He frowned, stopping at the sign before turning onto their road. “I really wish he'd drop off the face of the planet. I’d rather be accused of a few more murders than have him walking around here still.”
  Himchan unbuckled when they stopped, Yongguk killing the engine. “I think Youngjae momentarily forgot about Kim Heechul so let's end this conversation until he's not around. I don't want him panicking again. Not only that, but we need to focus on how we're going to take down Kim Taeheon and his son.”
  “Why does it concern you? Siwon hyung and I can take care of it.”
  “It concerns me because, like it or not, we're all involved. If we can weasel some information out of Jonghyun about his dad, then we can probably use it against him.”
  “As long as Junhong doesn't get roped into it any more than he has, I’m fine with it.” Yongguk jumped into the back of the truck, handing the table to Himchan over the side. He grabbed a couple chairs, leaning over the side to place them on the ground. He glanced at Himchan, finding the other staring up at him.
  “You like him.” Himchan frowned when Yongguk didn’t attempt to deny it. “You need to let go of whatever you feel for him. That boy has been through enough without you adding anything to it.”
  “Don't worry, Himchan.” Yongguk climbed out of the truck bed, pulling the couch toward him. “He all but told me he hates me. Why should I try to keep feelings for him?” He set one end of the couch down, walking around it to grab the other end. He pulled it from the bed, turning it on the sidewalk to set it down flat. “He doesn't want anything to do with me and I’m fine with that.”
  Himchan scrutinized him, hands on his hips. “Are you?” He smirked when Yongguk stilled. “You like him and nothing he does to you will make that change. You'd probably even let him beat the shit out of you and not care.” He frowned, pointing at Yongguk. “Don't you dare attempt that. We don't need him turning into some sort of sadist.”
  Yongguk laughed. “You have to admit, he'd make one bad-ass sadist. Him looking all innocent and then turning around and being cruel...” He blinked, trying to rid himself of that image. “Damn, I might have to become a masochist if he turns into a sadist.” He winked at Himchan, causing the other to splutter. “I'm kidding, Himchan. Breathe, man.”
  “That is not funny, Yongguk! Not only is he a minor, but that's just sick.” He shook his head, lifting one end of the couch as Yongguk lifted the other. “You need to be examined by a professional.”
  Daehyun walked outside, furrowing his brows. “Why does he need to be professionally examined?” he asked, propping the door open.
  “Because of what he just told me.” Himchan backed into the house, trying to ignore Yongguk's laughter.
  Grabbing a couple chairs, Daehyun headed back to the porch, setting them down to get two more as Yongguk came back out. “Hyung, what was he babbling about?”
  “We were joking about Junhong turning into a sadist. And then I said that I’d become a masochist.” He grabbed the chairs on the porch, turning around. He stopped, smile falling off his face. “J-Junhong. Um, hi.” He offered the younger a small smile.
  Junhong just stared at him as he passed, looking at Daehyun as he set the next set of chairs on the porch. “Please tell me they were really joking.” He frowned when Daehyun shrugged. “I'm not going to turn into a sadist.”
  Daehyun chuckled. “The hyungs seem to think so.” He looked at the younger, expression serious. “How would you feel, though, if you were the one to tame Bang Yongguk?”
  Looking down, Junhong bit his lip. “It sounds crazy.” He straightened once Himchan came out, grumbling under his breath to grab the next chairs. He whisked them inside, ignoring Junhong completely. “What would you do, hyung, if I became a sadist?”
  “I'd probably have to laugh in all honesty.” He shook his head, smiling. “You really don't seem like you could hurt anyone.”
  Junhong scuffed his shoe against the porch, waiting for Yongguk to come back out for the last of the chairs. He disappeared back inside before Junhong took a few steps toward Daehyun. He kept his voice low. “Hyung, you want to help me?” he asked, face flushing in embarrassment. He peered at Daehyun through his bangs. “I still love Yongguk hyung. I even told Himchan hyung that I did.” He frowned, trying to count back to when he had. “Was it really today that I told him that? It's been a long day.”
  Daehyun pursed his lips. “I'll help you, but only if you keep my kissing Youngjae a secret. I don't need lectured by Himchan hyung or any crude jokes from Yongguk hyung.” He waved the younger over to help him with the table. “We can start with playing up your innocence. With the curly hair and your baby face, it won't be too hard to do. All you have to do is whine and act cute.”
  Junhong smiled brightly, his dimple catching Daehyun's eye. “I'm pretty sure I can act cute.”
  Nodding, Daehyun had to avert his gaze, blushing slightly. How on earth does Yongguk not jump this kid? He's almost too cute. He glanced back up, seeing the younger still smiling. He lowered his eyes again. Sadly, if hyung doesn't claim this kid soon, I might see if Youngjae wants to share him with me.


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Sep. 25th, 2014 01:31 am (UTC)
Oooooooo chapter three is in two parts!? I feel so lucky! Jongup is so gentle and sweet isn't he? That when he learnd about Junhong's background and his family he got upset. I really, really, really like the part where Yongguk goes and comforts Junhong. He is just a teddy bear! And good!!! Don't let him go back to his house Yongguk!!! I would be upset and not let him go bac either if I was Yongguk, or Himchan. It isn't safe for Junhong! I know he wants to help get his Dad's killer but it won't help at all if Junhong ends up dead! I really loved that Jongup went and crawling into bed with Junhong to comfort him. It is good that he has Jongup to snuggle with since he is still angry at Yongguk even if he loves him.

Oooooooo I like this. Daehyun and Youngjae are getting closer! So close they even kissed! At least someone is happy in the house.

Ha! The joke that Yongguk made about if Junhong turned into a sadist than he would become a masochist!And then when he says it the second time and turns around and Junhong is there!!! Also, Daehyun you perv you!!! Keep your hands to yourself! Junhong and Yongguk belong togther! Not you and youngjae and junhong!

Loved this once again! Thanks so much for the update. It has made me very, very happy.
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